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The Ayurvedic medicine for Urinary Incontinence  works on the Principle of Ayurveda .In the theory of Ayurveda there are three forces which are called TRI-DOSHA (VATA,PITTA and KAPHA).If these  three DOSHAS are in equilibrium then person will remain healthy .If any DOSHA is vitiated then we fall ill.

According to Ayurveda in the case of Urinary Incontinence,Urinary Bladder is an organ of Pelvis which is VATTA – STHAN and also controlled by VATTA DOSH specially by APAN VAYU .This APAN VAYU is down ward force which controls the act of expulsion. In the case of Urinary Incontinence if this APANVAYU is vitiated than it may disrupt the function of Urinary Bladder to hold or to pass Urine. Ayurvedic Medicine is here to pacify APANVAYU for its normal working.

Another type of SAMAN VAYU which in normal state aids the process of digestion and Metabolism and helps in releasing the pressure and stress on pelvic floor muscles and ligaments .Thus ayurvedic medicine keeps the SAMAN VAYU in normal state.

Our herbal medicine for Urinary Leakage is also GRAHI in action .Formulation has some Herbs having property of GRAHI. GRAHI is an Ayurvedic term which is used for the action to retain the organ and the activity at its normal place .It helps to control the Hyperactivity of Involuntary bladder contraction and the bladder capacity to store urine


Our Urine leakage ayurvedic treatment – Herbal Medicine has the property of GRAHI which helps the bladder to retain in its correct anatomical position because the ayurvedic medicine has some plant polysaccharides which has the property of adhesion and thus binds the bladder tissues and reduces the Relaxation, Bulk and bulging of the bladder takes place.



Another factor is SAMAN VAYU which aids the process of digestion, Metabolism and helps in releasing the pressure and stress on pelvic floor muscles in its normal state but if vitiated it may increase pressure and heaviness in pelvic region.


The role of APAN VAYU is to regulate the process of excretion. Mainly all the pelvic organs of excretion depend on the quality of APAN VAYU . If this VATT- DOSH ( APAN VAYU) is vitiated it may exert down ward force and can cause the leakage of urine.



Our Polyherbal Formula contains 2 group of Herbs .One Group of Herbs and their Ingredients works to strengthen and to tone up the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments as ASHOK (Saraca indica ) and LODHARA ( Symplocos racemosa) etc.

Other Group of Herbs are to nourish muscles in bladder and Urethra and their nerve conduction as PUNARNAVA ( Boerhavia diffusa) , GOKHARU( Tribulus terrestris) and VACHA (Acorus calamus)

PUNARNAVA and GOKHARU are useful for a healthy bladder and improve Urinary function of bladder and decrease the effect of R.O.S (Reactive Oxygen Species) and works as a super antioxidant.

VACHA (Acorus calamus) is a drug of choice in Hyper- Excitability .It has suppressive effect on the muscles of Urinary bladder and thus helps in leakage of Urine.


Ayurvedic Medicine promotes good coordination between Muscles of Bladder and their nerve conduction to check involuntary leakage of urine.


In the long clinical experiences it is also noticed that it improves the problem of incontinence of urine and Cystocele also. Leakage of urine is a awkward condition and it needs timely medication to cure it permanently. With advantage of Ayurvedic medicine it is now possible to cure it completely without surgery.




This miraculous medicine is a wondrous ayurvedic medicine for urine leakage which isn’t required to be taken every few hours or at constant intervals during the day, but take one medicine in the morning empty stomach. This herbal medicine is the best option for those who do not want to go under surgery for urine leakage.


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Having served for over 40 Years, I have attained prowess on treating Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Urine Incontinence in WOMEN with Unique Miraculous Poly Herbal Formula which is clinically time tested . We are from a traditional family of Ayurveda.

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